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Monday, November 16, 2009

Frostbite at 58

Like most major metropolitan areas we have some homeless people that live in our city. We know most of them by name and they are generally happy to see us even when we drive by or if they catch us going to the store (more so than your average citizen). Side note, we were talking about this at the station and we figure it's because we are the only people that are actually nice to them and will talk to them rather than just walking away and ignoring them. I digress. We were called to one of our local shopping centers that is frequently from where the homeless call 911. We arrived and found one of our regulars in his wheelchair. When he saw us he yelled at another homeless man for calling us. Our patient said that he was worried that he may have had frostbite from a couple of nights before and that his toes really hurt. We pulled of his shoes and socks and noticed that his feet and toes were soft and pink. No chance that he had frostbite. I doubted it anyways since it hadn't been below 60 degrees in quite a while. As AMR pulled up he said that he wanted to finish his drink. Knowing him like we do we knew that he wanted to finish his beer. We told him that he knew better than that. As we helped him onto the gurney  we found out that he had had a bowel movement. Oh the joys of this job. At least I didn't have to sit in the back of in ambulance with that lovely combination of smells.
Toes with severe frostbite tissue damage.
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