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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Repeat Customer

We were toned out for a fall with injuries to a residence that is literally 5 or six houses away from the station. It's the second time this month that we've been there. The gentleman that lives there is in his early 80's and has a long list of medical problems. He called us out today because he fell and broke his ankle (the last time we were there he had fallen and twisted the other ankle). I quickly ran through my assessment but as I did I could sense my patients frustration growing. I could almost hear his thoughts, "Why are you asking me all theses inane questions when it's obvious that I broke my ankle?" I wasn't too concerned with the broken ankle. I wanted to know why he fell. I finally got out of him that he did in fact feel dizzy before he fell. Just about that time the other firefhgter got the blood pressure, 86/52. Too low. While I started an IV to give my patient some fluids to bring up his blood pressure the other firefighter splinted the ankle with a vacusplint and placed an ice pack for the pain and swelling.
As we were loading the patient into the ambulance I told him that if he wanted to see us so bad, next time just stop by the station. We're just down the block. He laughed and said he would.
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