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Friday, January 22, 2010

K9 Rescue

Los Angeles Firefighter Hospitalized After Rescuing Dog

Friday, January 22, 2010

LOS ANGELES —  A firefighter has been hospitalized with severe hand and arm injuries after being bitten by a dog he hoisted from the storm-swollen Los Angeles River in a daring helicopter rescue.

Fire officials say Joe St. Georges was taken Friday to County USC Medical Center after rescuing the German shepherd.

Los Angeles Fire Capt. Steve Ruda says the dog is doing fine and is being checked for rabies.

Officials say at least 50 firefighters responded to the scene, where the dog tried to scramble up the river's steep concrete sides for more than an hour as crews dangled life vests and a float ring from above.

St. Georges finally splashed down from the helicopter, wrestled with the frightened canine and lifted it to safety.

The dog had a collar but its owner is unknown.

5 comments: said...

Oh shoot, now I am back up on my soap box.

Risk human lives for a dog?!

Sorry, in my opinion it is just wrong!

I'm off it again.

(I am not usually like this, but you have two topics here that get me going!)

Mrs. Lukie said...

I totally agree with Julie. It irks me that resources were used to rescue a dang DOG!

Anonymous said...

But what if that was your dog? To some people (like myself) their dog is their best friend and would be so upset to know or see their friend suffer like that. A life is a life. I think those guys did an awesome job showing compassion for another animal. It's funny how many humans think our species and our lives are the only important ones on this planet.

Anonymous said...

They also say that one difference between humans and most animals is our ability to feel empathy. Not surprisingly, I sometimes find that hard to believe...

Anonymous said...

"It's just a dog"... Well, if you really love something.. I am sure you wouldn't want to just let it go. Dogs have personalities as well. Every single dog is different, in fact, every single animal is different. If a dog risks its life just to save random people it doesn't know, I'm sure you can save a dog that you love. How can you have that thought that you can just let a dog die

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