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Friday, January 8, 2010

Cyclist Vs Bus

"Respond for a bicyclist struck by a bus." I was just thinking that I haven't had a good trauma (in this case "good" totally depends on your point of view). As we were responding station one decided to head our way (code 2) just in case there were people on the bus that were hurt. If that were the case we would need the manpower. As we pulled up we were able to see the occupants of the bus along with the bus driver standing on the sidewalk. The one thing that was missing was a patient.

According to Mr. Bus Driver the cyclist had just been clipped in the rear tire. After being hit he spun around and smacked the ground. The loser of this accident then walked over to the curb and sat down in a daze. Understandable. A bus going 30 MPH just hit him. I'd be dazed too. After composing himself he grabbed his bike and started walking home.

We found him down the street without his bike. He had locked it up to a fence. As we approached him we could see that he had an abrasion to his face. Unfortunately, he spoke no English and my Chinese sucks. Since we had no real way of communicating with him we had to assume the worst case scenario. So we had treated him as a trauma patient. I felt so bad for this guy. He doesn't speak English, gets hit by a bus, tries to walk home (assumption on my part) and then gets "stripped and flipped" placed on a backboard and sent to the hospital. I'm willing to bet that if we were able to communicate with him he would have refused to go to the hospital. He was surprisingly cooperative though.

 I found this picture of what you get when you combine a bus (OK, a short bus) and a bike.
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