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Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Not So Roaring Fire

We were toned out for a brush fire along the freeway. It's 50 degrees outside, all the grass is green and it's been raining today. Really? A fire in these conditions?? Sure.

As we approached the area (we were told it was at the last on ramp from our city) we couldn't see or smell anything. We had another unit checking to the East of us without any luck. We decided to go down the frontage road that led out of our city (yes we were poaching on another departments jurisdiction) and see what there was to see. A mile or so down the road we ran into a CalTrans truck on the side of the freeway with a rather excited driver. He said there was a fire back by the last call box. Once we were to the call box my captain and I hopped out and looked for the fire. After a couple of looks we found it about a quarter mile further down the freeway. We jumped back into the engine and headed down there.

Once there I pulled the bumper line while my engineer set up the attic ladder against the fence for me. All it was was a small rubbish fire. After a few gallons of water the area was well flooded and the fire was out. Not exactly a roaring fire but better than nothing.
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