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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bad Dinners

I recently read a post by another blogger that talked about some less than stellar meals at the firehouse. It immediately brought a couple of meals to mind....from the same "chef."

The first time I had his cooking the firefighter decided to cook meatloaf. His variation on a theme called for string cheese to be placed in the center. When asked how long it would be until dinner was ready he replied that it needed to cook for 20 minutes. That was our first warning. 25 minutes later he was slicing the meatloaf...
...which looked nothing like this. It was completely raw in the middle. So much so that the string cheese was still cold. Due to the late hour of the failed feast, we went out to eat.

The second (and last) time that we let the "chef" cook he said he was making stew. He put everything together and let it slow cook in the crock pot. During the meal the "chef" informed us that the mystery meat (at that point what we did not want to hear was that there WAS a mystery meat) was Elk.
 It actually didn't taste that bad. But, my guess is that the elk was a little too old because within 30 minutes of dinner every one of us was in the bathroom.
I'm just glad that we didn't get a call right then. He never got the chance to redeem himself on our shift.

4 comments: said...


Oh, and by the way...the ad for the romantic bridle gowns on your sidebar is complementary to your blog :)

Foursons said...

Oh yuck. You must be referring to one of Brian's recent posts. So glad I don't have to be subjected to y'alls dinners.

Firefighter/Paramedic said...

Just for the record, the vast majority of the meals at the fire house are absolutely great. That's why we're all losing the battle with our waist line. :)

brian said...

Nothing like vintage elk stew :)

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