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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

There's Only Room For One Rooster

We recently had a call at a local clinic.Local clinics are not on the top of our favorite places to go although  every once in a great while you can get a good call out of one.
As we entered the rear of the clinic we were greeted by one nurse sitting in a chair and 9 others gathered around her. As I approached my patient my captain asked what was going on. What he got for an answer was a cacophony of answers from all 9 nurses. He immediately started clearing the room of all but one nurse for questioning.

I let my captain deal with that. I went straight to the source. My patient was a...and I assume still is a woman in her early 50's. Being a nurse she was able to give me just the sort of answers I needed during my assessment. She told us that she had been driving in when all of the sudden she felt some chest pressure and shortness of breath. We quickly followed our guidelines and treated her chest discomfort.

By the time AMR arrived we had just finished with our 12 lead ECG and and a line established. A fairly straight forward call, once you let the nurses know who was in charge.

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brian said...

"...once you let the nurse know who was in charge..." love it...

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