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Friday, January 28, 2011


I was given a blogging award by Hydrant girl, although I don't know how 'stylish' my blog really is. To see the actual award go down the left side of the page.

So now I'm supposed to tell you 7 random things about me:
  • I can function on a steady stream of 3 hours of sleep per night. I didn't say I was nice to be around but I can function.
  • If left to my own devices I'm a fairly picky eater but if you cook for me I'll eat almost anything. I figure if I don't like it, I should have cooked.
  • I've had more than my share of traffic violations, mostly speeding tickets.
  • I don't like being cold. Seriously. I'm a shorts and t-shirt kind of guy I prefer the beach to snow.
  • I've worked for more fire departments than ambulance companies.
  • I'm a horrible speller and my wife usually spell and grammar checks my posts for me....although it's often after I've originally posted it.
  • In the past I've said thank you and just ignored awards that came my way. Not sure why I played this time.
    I know that I'm supposed to pass it on to 15 others but most of the blogs have already been given the award by someone else. So take a gander down my blog rolls. There's some great reading in there.


    Trina said...

    Congrats on your stylish award!

    I usually love the winter until about March - then I want sun and 75 with a nice breeze. Enjoy your new found recognition!

    Fire Wife Katie said...

    I think your blog is stylish, especially since I had to mess with it to make it look like you wanted. That's some seriously sexy html there! ;)

    Cristina said...

    I often think "sexy" and "html" go together. Congrats on your award!

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