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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Water Flow Alarm

After a long night the tones went off again at 0500 hours. Way to early. This time the engine and the truck were responding for a water flow alarm at Home Depot. We thought it was just going to be a false alarm until we heard that the alarm was sounding in 14 different zones though out the store.

When we arrived on scene we found the store open for business with customers scurrying outside. As we looked through the doors of the store we could see that the floor was covered in water. The truck crew decided to cancel us and we headed back home. They ended up getting off late because they were dealing with the problem.

What had happened is one of the delivery drivers had tried backing up to the back door and sheared a hydrant. There was a slight down hill slope headed right into the store. The guys on the truck shut off the hydrant and then squeegeed the store clear of water.

The guy that backed over the fire plug was no where to be seen.
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