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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


The fire service is full of jokers. You need to have a pretty tough skin if you're going to survive.

The crew from the neighboring station stopped by to pick something up. We all sat around a chatted for a while. The crew from the visiting engine company related how their captain had, the tour before, been a little bit of a micro manager. He of course denied this. So this tour someone on his crew got him a bag of M&M's (for Micro Manager). The captain took it all in stride. If the fire service, if you aren't a target for practical jokes, you probably aren't liked.

Later in the day we were out running errands and getting some driver training (I'm working on being able to upgrade to engineer when the need arises). While we were out we were unable to resist the urge to buy some M&M's. We then drove over the the other station, as stealthily as you can in a big fire truck. I snuck into the apparatus bay and placed the bag of candy on the captains seat in the rig and made a clean escape.

I found out later that night that the captain, when he found the treats, gave his crew hell. After denying it for a while they figured out who the culprits were. We're waiting for payback.
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