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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Street Cred

So our dinner was once again interrupted. I think the local cops get a kick out of it whenever they can either call us during a meal or wake us up.

When we pulled up on scene we could see several police cars. One of the officers flagged us down and pointed to the back of his cruiser indicating that our patient was in his custody.

As I approached he told me that he had a 18 year old guy that had been doing a little B&E in the neighborhood. He was well known to the cops and had been arrested several times before.

I readily admit that I don't know much about criminals. A lot of what I do know is from shows on TV like Cops and Gangland. As I seem to understand it, if you're a criminal you get more prestige or "street cred" if you do more hard core crimes. I don't think that this is what was motivating the young man in the back of the patrol car but if it was he failed. You see, he had broken into the house of a young woman that was 8 months pregnant. Not only did she call the cops but she chased him down the street until they showed up. Somehow I think getting caught by an angry pregnant woman isn't going to do much for his image.

His only medical complaint, being thirsty. He went to jail instead of the hospital. We also checked on supermom-to-be and she was just fine.

Check your "Street Cred" here.
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