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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Forked Driver

Engine 52, truck 51, you're responding for a water flow alarm at 4582 Main St.

A water flow alarm is an alarm in the fire protection sprinkler system that goes off when water flows past it. If the alarm system is monitored, such as the case with this call, the fire department is dispatched and the alarm warns people to get out of the building. In reality, most water flow alarms are false alarms. Not this one.

We pulled up the the warehouse and were met by the supervisor. He said that one of his guys sheared off a sprinkler head with a forklift. Unfortunately for them they were a distribution warehouse for cardboard boxes so they had pallets of folded cardboard getting soaked.

We went around and found the PIV closest to the sounding alarm and turned it off. Once that was done we went to the main drain to get all the water out of the system. Thankfully the employees were already hard at work with forklifts (to move the pallets) and squeegees. They even tried using a 50 gallon trash can. Once we had the shower turned off we left them to clean up the mess.
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