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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Assault With A Deadly Weapon

The tones interrupted my morning workout. And for the second time that morning we were dispatched to a stabbing.

This call was again in district 52 at one of the local hotels. One of the nicer ones actually. As we approached we could see the sea of police vehicles (most of which were at our last call) and the AMR unit. For once they had beat us on scene.

As the air brakes set I jumped off the truck and walked over to the victim. The AMR medic gave me a quick run down. The patient appeared to be in his 20's and had been robbed. Or at least someone attempted to rob him. I don't know if they got anything. The poor guy had a defensive stab wound on one of his hands and another minor wound on his arm. The cut that we were worried about was the one in his chest.

He had about a on inch laceration about 3 ribs down from the middle of his clavicle. The puncture was bleeding slowly but steadily. The patient denied any trouble breathing and his lung sounds were equal bilaterally. He would be closely monitored all the way to the ER. With his vitals stable we bandaged him up and sent him on his way to the trauma center.

As we were leaving we were joking about the poor people trying to check into the hotel. They would be met at the front by several police cars, crime scene tape blocking the entrance and bloody clothes on the sidewalk. I can hear it now, "Honey, let's get another hotel."
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