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Friday, October 21, 2011

Not Breaking But Entering

The radio chirped, "Truck 51, respond for a lock out. The RP states they locked themselves out of their apartment and they may have left something on the stove."

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Hearing that reminded me of a Friends (I think) episode where one of them did the same thing. I remember the firefighter say to that to discourage people from calling to often for this they just chop down the door with an axe. I bet that would be effective.

When we arrived on the dark street we were met by a couple. The man said he had locked the door when they stepped out assuming that his girlfriend had the keys. Well, she didn't. Luckily the windows on their second floor apartment were unlocked.

I went back to the truck and grabbed one of our ground ladders. I went over to one of the larger windows and threw the ladder up to it. My captain footed the ladder while I scampered up to the window. I gently removed the screen and raised the blinds. I tried to move as much of the stuff in my way as I could. I really didn't want to break anything while entering.

Once inside I walked through to the kitchen. Just as we thought, nothing on the stove. I opened the front door and bid the tenants farewell.

By this time the neighborhood kids had heard our rig and were all out watching. They knew that we, like all good firemen, would have stickers. While my engineer put away the ladder I made sure each of the kids got their junior firefighter badge.
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