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Monday, October 10, 2011

Privileges Revoked

The other night we were called for a 3 year old having a seizure. Fairly vanilla as far as medical calls go.

As I walked up to the house the dad opened the door. In his arms was his toddler and cradled between his shoulder and right ear was the phone connecting him to the only think keeping him from losing it, the 911 operator (I don't think they get enough credit). As I walked in the dad told the person on the other end that the fire department was there and dropped the phone. Thinking back I don't know if he even hung up. The dad then, in near panic, almost tossed his son into my arms. It was as if he had been able to hold things together until help arrived and now that we were there he could stop functioning.

The boy was dressed in his underwear and a t-shirt. He was also hot to the touch. I asked the dad how long the boy had been sick to which I received a blank stare. Dad didn't know the kids was sick. I asked about any medications. Again, dad was lost. He then told me that he was watching the kids while mom was out. I guess mom did most of the day to day care of the kids. I had the dad get me a wet wash cloth which I used to lower the kids fever. Having something to do to helped him calm down.

Once AMR was there we asked what hospital he would like to go to. Again, the blank stare. I felt bad for the guy. He kept muttering that his wife took care of the kids. I bet his sitting privileges are going to be revoked for a while.
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