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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yo Quiero Taco Bell

We got a call about 11 in the morning to one of our local strip malls. The call was for a woman that had fallen asleep in her car. Seriously.

My patient said that she had shown up to get something from one of the stores only to find out that it didn't open for an hour. So she took one of her Xanax and relaxed. She ended up dozing off for an our in the car that was not turned on. Eventually someone noticed her and called the cops. They came out and woke her up, then called us.

Because my patient had a rather significant medical history she wanted to go in and get checked out. The only problem was that she had a "dog." It was actually a Chihuahua. You know, the dog that is super skittish and yappie and is smaller than some rats. She didn't want to leave the dog. We finally convinced her to call a friend to come get the pooch. We also decided that the dog could wait in the back of the squad car so that we could get the anxious woman to the hospital.

One of the officers handed me a leash (did you know they carry those?). I tried to get it onto the dog without gets bit. Finally, my patient was able to slip on the leash and I picked up the dog. I held it upside down the same way I do with my cat so as not to get bit or scratched. It worked really well. Once in the back of the cop car the dog started barking at us again. It clearly didn't like its situation.

Now that we had the little terror secured we were able to get the patient onto the gurney. She later admitted to us that she took more than one of her Xanax. No wonder she fell asleep.

The last thing I saw as we cleared the scene was this small dog barking and growling in the back of the police car waiting for a family friend to come get it.
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