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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

What A Month

Day T-Minus 17, Thursday

I went in for a right inguinal hernia repair. If it sounds painful, it was. The pain lasts for weeks.

Day 1, Saturday

Honestly, I don't remember what I had for dinner. I hope it was good because it would be my last solid for over a week. Around 0300 I woke up with a touch of nausea. Something I'm not used to having. I rolled over and uneasily went back to sleep.

Day 2, Sunday

The kids starting waking up around 0730 which means we did too. As my wife got out of bed I told her I was sick. The nausea was back and had worsened. I spent the next 4 hours vomiting. Well, mostly dry heaving. And then the vomiting stopped.

At noon the pain started. My entire abdomen hurt. All over.

Sunday afternoon I spiked a fever of 103. I popped some Ibuprofen and the fever came down. I would continue to fight this fever for over a week.

I spent Sunday in my med asleep unless it was to head to the bathroom. I sipped on water when I could tolerate it. That night was much of the same.

Day 3, Monday

This day was a blur. It was spent in almost identical fashion to Sunday afternoon. There was on small difference. The pain in my abdomen was now only in the right upper and lower quadrants. The left side of my abdomen was pain free.

The thought that I may have had appendicitis did cross my mind. Going against that thought process were a couple of things. First and foremost the pain I was having was not just in my lower right quadrant. The pain started all over my abdomen and then receded to the right side. I went back and forth between thinking it was appendicitis and just left over pain from throwing up since that was the side on which I recently had surgery. Secondly, most people that get appendicitis have pain first, then nausea. And as my fall back I knew that when people have appendicitis their pain suddenly ceases when their appendix ruptures, then it returns later. My pain had never gone away. If it suddenly did, I'd would've sought medical attention.

Like the day before, I slept uneasily and sipped on a little bit of water. Maybe tomorrow I'd start feeling better....
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