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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Embarrassing Beat Down

The tones jolted me awake again. It was just after 4 in the morning, about 2 hours after our last call. Whenever I get these calls I always hope it's at least for something legit. I hate getting up for BS (so does everyone in this profession).

Dispatch informed us that we were responding for an assault victim and that PD was already on scene. Coming around the corner in the quiet residential neighborhood we spotted several police cruisers. We were in the right spot.

My engineer pulled past the house, parked the rig and shut off the engine. There's no need to wake up everyone with our big diesel motor. We could hear yelling from inside the house. The officer at the door told us that the step-father and step-son had been drinking (shocker) and there had been an altercation. One look at the 19 year old kid and it was easy to see who had won that fight. He already had a big black eye, swollen face, bloody nose and cut lip. He may have been missing a tooth as well but I couldn't be sure.

My patient quickly refused to service. He told me rather indignantly that he was an EMT and he knew I couldn't touch him. He then tried to give me the silent treatment. That was until I quietly told him that if he refused to answer my questions I would have to assume that he was mentally impaired. And if I assumed that he would end up naked on a backboard with a C collar on and some IV's in his arms.

The kid became almost nice to me after that but he kept yelling at and antagonizing the cops. After refusing to be treated again he started arguing with one of the officers. Just then the on duty sergeant came in. After surveying the situation for a second he ask the other officers to place the young man under arrest. That didn't sit too well with the teen and he decided to fight. Alcohol made him think he could beat down his mom's new husband and then it made him think he could defeat several officers. He was sadly (for him) mistaken.

It must be a little embarrassing to wake up in jail having lost not one, but two fights in the previous night.

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