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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Special Architects

Once again I am reminded that many of the people (engineers, car designers, baby clothes designers) that create things for use by the general public don't use said item themselves. The geniuses that designed the new UCLA Santa Monica Medical Center fit well into this category. The hospital is rebuilding. They are building up one section, opening it for use, then tearing down another section. The problem comes in how they numbered the new floors. What was once the first floor in the old building is now A floor in the new building. The Second floor in the old building is now the first floor in the new building. The funny thing is that they are both in use and connected. Currently they are tearing down and rebuilding the East tower. The West tower is now open and the center section (or Pavilion) is still in use and will be the last section to be replaced. So now it is possible for you to take the elevator up to the third floor (in the Pavilion), turn left, walk ten feet and you are now magically on the second floor (of the West tower)! Trying to find a specific room is difficult to say the least. To try and lessen the confusion they put up posters in the elevators to let you know what floor you should be on. When you don't know that the have messed up the numbering system of the floors these posters are just confusing.
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