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Thursday, March 6, 2008

On the Edge of the Middle of No Where

The call came in for another ill person. At least this time it was after 8 in the morning. We jumped in the engine and started up Highway 62. We then turned left on a small paved road. Soon the pavement ended and a dirt road started. Then the dirt road turned more into a water run off drainage ditch about the size of a dirt road. Eventually we came to a long drive way (term used loosely). We parked the engine at the bottom of the driveway so as to allow the ambulance a way up to the house. We then grabbed our gear and started for the house. About half way to the house we decided to cut up the mountain side straight to the house. Along the way I discovered that every plant in the Morongo Basin has thorns of some sort. I got stuck several times. Ironically, our call was for a woman that had been stuck by a cactus a couple of days ago and the wound had become infected. We did a quick assessment and waited for the ambulance. In the time it took MBA to respond we were able to learn quite a lot of the life story of our patient. I'd blog it but it wasn't that interesting.
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