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Friday, March 14, 2008

Frequent Flyers

The familiar call came out to respond to our friends (term used loosely) Bob and John (names changed). Bob is a 79 year old male with his right leg amputated. He also is on home oxygen and has respiratory problems. His roommate, John, is a 48 year old drug addict that is abusive when drunk (which seems to happen often). This time we were called out by the San Bernardino Sheriffs officer that was on scene. Bob was complaining of some shortness of breath and he looked like he had been really beaten. His entire abdomen and part of his back were bruised. His right arm, which was injured in our last call out there, was now showing signs of compartment syndrome, a condition in which the appendage fills with blood and ends up cutting off the circulation to the rest of the extremity. This is very serious and can require surgery to repair. After talking to Bob he informs me that his shortness of breath is no worse than usual. John kept interrupting as we are talking to Bob trying to find out where all the bruising came from. After repeated attempts, by myself and our Engineer, to get John to shut up the situation was rectified by the SO. I looked up just in time to see John flying through the air and land face first into the linoleum. He was arrested for suspected domestic violence. After he was in the car we managed to talk Bob into going to the ER to get his arm checked out. I found out the next day that John pissed off a couple of the guards in jail and had a rough night. It couldn't of happened to a nicer person.
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