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Monday, March 31, 2008

A Long Friday Night

On Friday evening we decided to put on our own physical agility test based off of a physical agility test that the city of Eureka uses. You start out with some running and some stairs, then you raise 50 feet of hose to the second story, then you move 12 hose packs from a truck to the ground and back up, then 50 swings with a sledge hammer, run 100 feet with a charged hose, then run 20 feet with 100 pounds of hose on your shoulder. All this in under 6 minutes. We all did it with time to spare but we were tired. That night we got a call at 0330. It was for a vehicle over the side down on the grade. We spent the next 45 minutes searching for this stupid car, in conjunction with Riverside county Medic Engines 36, 37, and an AMR medic unit. It was finally decided that it was a solo car spin out (non injury) a couple miles away from the location where it was supposed to have been. We all snuggled back into bed and none of could sleep. Bummer.


Quest said...

You "all snuggled back into bed"?
And everybody thinks Bravo is gay.
Man card please...

Firefighter/Paramedic said...

As a firefighter (not a Bravo employee) I am secure enough in my masculinity to give up a man card for expressing how nice it is to get back in bad after a call.

Quest said...

Oooh, burn. And from a firfighter, double burn.

Snuggle away my frend, snuggle away.

Reena said...

I BET none of you could sleep, probably from all the snuggling goin on.

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