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Monday, March 24, 2008

Auto Ex

Auto extrication is a mix between science and art. Fire departments frequently get vehicle from the junkyard to practice on. We met up with Cal Fire Engine 3586 and spent several hours learning the finer points of dismantling a vehicle. We started out with a 2 door hatchback and removed the windows, doors, hatchback, roof, seats, and steering wheel. We also cut a third and fourth door into the car for the rear seat passengers and tilted the dashboard up to make for more knee room in the front seat. It's amazing what can happen when you give a bunch of guys tools and a car to destroy. The only reason that the car was not cut in half (literally) was that it would have made it difficult for the tow truck driver to take away.

This is Tony, a Captain with CDF. He is our local auto extrication guru.

Eric looking on making sure that we are all being safe.

We thought about going after the Captains truck (in the background) next.


Reena said...

It is indeed an art. Who knew you'd grow up to be such a gifted car ripper upper tearer aparter :)

Quest said...

Well, now if you ever want to make the Rondo a convertable you know how to do it.

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