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Friday, March 14, 2008

Win Some Lose Some

Early on Tuesday morning I got up and left work for the city of Carson. There I took the Los Angeles County Fire Department written exam. Most of you know that his is the holy grail of departments for me. I think that the test went well but there was a psychological portion and it's tough to tell how you do on those. Upon arriving back at the station I was informed that while I was away they had had a structure fire! This is what every new firefighter hope to get to go on...and I missed it! Over the next day and a half my engineer would remind me that I had missed a structure fire. He would say things like "I smell smoke. Oh yeah, we had a structure fire this morning." The nest way to give you an idea of what it was like is for the rest of this post, every time I write structure fire, imagine him giving me a hard time.

About 3 that afternoon we got a call from a citizen stating that there was a guy on a dirt bike that was riding around in the brush. The citizen was concerned about the possibility of the bike starting a fire and said that she was going (structure fire) to call the police. About a minute later the tones went off. "Medic Engine 461, MBA, respond for a motorcycle down on highway 62 at Park, highway 62 and Park. Sheriffs department on scene." We took a quick look outside because that is the intersection in front of the station. Since it was not visible from the station we got into our turnouts (structure fire) and headed out onto the highway. We found the officer about half a block down with his suspect sitting in the sidewalk. The suspects only injury was to his right pinky finger which was bleeding and pretty tore up. Lucky for us he refused transport to the hospital. Turns out he was trying to run from the officer (structure fire) and was pealing out when the officer decided to ram his back wheel, which sent him flying.

While we were talking to the officer a citizen stopped on the far side of the highway and screamed that there had just been an accident about a mile up the road. We quickly cleared that call we were on and informed San Bernardino that we were responding (structure fire) to another possible TC. When we got on scene we found another SO talking to a woman that had swerved to miss a pillow in the road and ended up spinning out into the desert. It was a non injury so we cleaned up the pillows out of the road and went back to the station. The rest of the night was uneventful.

On Wednesday we had training on our new electronic patient contact reports. The only thing that excites me about this new way of reporting is that the information is stored on the laptop so that if you run a call on a person more than nice, (structure fire) all you have to do is put in their name and it will fill in the medical history, and address, and things of that nature. It'll make running on the frequent flyer's easier.
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