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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Cold Pie

This is the new medic, or more appropriately nicknamed, MedicMaybe AKA Casey. We call him MedicMaybe because he wasn't able to pass his ICEMA accreditation test. Here he is struggling (poorly) to get his turnouts and SCBA on in less then 2 minutes. He is one of the reasons that I'm working almost every day for all of September and most of October.
His second shift one of the other firefighters had brought in apple pie and ice cream. That night I served everyone. MedicMaybe had the audacity to complain that I hadn't warmed up the pie. Since he complained I grabbed his plate and microwaved it for two minutes...with his ice cream. He was smart enough not to complain about that.


Sea Foam Bald said...

Casey, you bring shame to our unisex name. Kip, shave his eyebrows off.

kipspop said...

Try Mt. Sac

Reena said...

LOL low -- Kip, shave his head so we can have twin Caseys.

quest, The said...

Wait, I thought Death wore a black cloak. Not f'd up turnouts. I guess you learn something new everyday. Stay safe Morongo Valley!

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