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Wednesday, September 24, 2008


The call came in for a person down and possibly not breathing. We responded over to the trailer park and found an 83 year old woman sitting in a chair on her porch. Her domestic partner (that is a direct quote) stated that my patient had been sitting and talking when she just passed out. When she didn't wake back up we were called. My EMT quickly got a set of vitals and placed the patient on some oxygen. I asked the domestic partner to get get any medications that the patient might be taking. I checked the blood sugar and it was 147. The patients vitals were all within normal limits. She just wasn't conscious. I checked her pupils and they were pinpoint which can indicate the use of narcotics. Even though her respiratory rate was fine I decided to push some Narcan to see if I could reverse some of the nervous system depression. She started to come around after I gave her some Narcan. She didn't have any narcotics in her prescription medication which makes me wonder where the 83 year old was obtaining her recreational pharmaceutical substances. Hhhmmmm.

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Sea Foam Bald said...

yeah, where did she get get her drugs.

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