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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fall Down the Stairs

We got a call for a fall with injuries. These types of calls are either really good (patient falling from roofs and ladders) or complete BS (fall with a boo boo on the elbow). I told my fireman that it was his turn to do the patient assessment and if he needed help I'd step in. As we arrived on scene my engineer let me know that he had been here once before about a month ago. He told that there was an old lady here that fell down the stairs, and that she was a little off. So we walked inside to find this nice old lady laying on her couch. She told us that she had fallen down the wooden stairs yesterday (despite the new hand rail that was made with three 2x4's) and that she had a lot of pain in her shoulder and hip. She called us because of the pain and the bruising. I was having a lot of fun watching my fireman stumble through his assessment. He does fine in practice but chokes up on calls. When I tried to find out what medications she takes I was informed that her husband locks them up. I'm guessing that there is some type of psych history there. We treated her the best we could and loaded her up into the ambulance.
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