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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty.

So Ben is trying to get back into least better shape. He asked Chris and me if we wanted to go on a night hike. We were both not interested but we offered to wait in the engine while he went for a hike. Ben was grateful for that so we went up to one of our local hiking spits. Before Ben started off on his hike we gave him an extra radio that way he could monitor dispatch and communicate with us on a tactical channel. I climbed up on top of the engine and used my jacket as a pillow. The stars were amazing and I started to count satellites. It was pretty easy for us to keep tabs on his progress since he had two flashlights with him. He made good time to the top. Once he made it to the top we got a funny radio transmission. "Um, guys. There's a bunch of coyotes up here. NO! They're bobcats!!" The last bit of radio transmission was said in a high pitched, panicky voice. Chris and I were laughing pretty hard. We then saw the light from Ben's flashlight move rapidly down the mountain. After about 5 minutes of running we could tell that Ben was looking around him for the cats. He then radioed us and let us know that the largest bobcat was following him. About this time I began to think that if there are bobcats up there, there could be mountain lions up there too. Chris and I both grabbed axes and went up to meet Ben. That night, when we were all in bed, Ben heard a faint mmeeeoooowww. Ben replied with a F*** Y**!! Chris and I busted up laughing. Ben's new nickname is Kitty.
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