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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Officer Involved Traffic Collision

There are certain calls that make us hurry just a little bit more. We got toned out for an officer involved TC. Since we know most of the CHP officers and Sheriffs deputies in the area we hurried just a bit more. As we approached the scene traffic going our direction was backing up. That's never a good sign (at least not for the people involved). As we pulled up we could see that one CHP unit had been involved in a TC and that there was another on scene. There were also several more coming down the grade.

Once on scene I spotted someone laying on the side of the road with a CHP officer attending to them. As I approached the officer told me that she was driving the cruiser and that she was OK. The man laying on the ground was complaining of severe head pain. He also had a tender abdomen and pain in his pelvis. We put him in a cervical collar and onto a backboard.

It appears that the CHP officer flipped a U-Turn to go east bound from the shoulder into the center lane and that she didn't see is that there was a minivan driving west bound in the number one lane. The two vehicles hit on the drivers side almost head on.

A couple of days later her partner stopped by the station and let us know what happened at the hospital. Once the patient got to the hospital, he evidently started complaining that he was losing sensation in his legs. The RN thought that he was full of sh*t so she gave him a Foley catheter and took his temperature rectally. I don't know if this really happened but I hope that it did. The moral of this story...don't lie to nurses.
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