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Friday, November 21, 2008

TC Rollover on the Morongo Grade

We got toned out to assist Riverside county with a vehicle over the side. As we were driving down the grade we saw an MBA unit coming northbound. They were the first unit on scene beating us by only a couple of minutes. When we arrived on scene we found that a BMW M3 convertible had been doing about 70 mph when a tire blew. The driver over corrected and lost control sending him careening over the side. He bounced off a boulder and landed on the roof of the car about 20 feet below the road. I climbed down the embankment and had the gear tossed to me. When I got to the vehicle I found an off duty paramedic in the car with the patient. He had cut the patient out of his seat belt and was just sort of getting in the way. The MBA medic had a student who was standing outside the car looking rather useless. I climbed in the opposite side and grabbed C-Spine. I then asked the off duty medic to get out of the way since he was not dressed to be in an overturned car with blood everywhere. I also asked the medic intern to "strip and flip" the patient while I maintained C-Spine. It took him a couple of minutes to get into gear. We ended up getting the patient on the backboard. He had a pretty good cut on the left side of his head that was bleeding quite a bit and he had a dislocated shoulder. After the call my turnouts were so covered in blood that I had to have my guys douse me in hydrogen peroxide and hose me off. It was a fun call.
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