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Sunday, October 25, 2009


We were recently toned out for a person having trouble breathing. 911 was notified by the medical alarm company. This was the first time that I can remember responding to an actual emergency that had been called in by a medical alarm company. The company had all kinds of useful information like where the spare key was to the house, allergies to medications and her medical history that included COPD and HOH. Although I had never heard of HOH.

When we arrived on scene we found an 88 year old female laying flat in bed complaining of shortness of breath. She said that she awoke in this condition about 10 minutes ago. We sat her up, gave her some oxygen, and listened to her lung sounds. She was wheezing and tight so we gave her a breathing treatment. After a couple of minutes she started feeling and looking a lot better. My captain then asked her about HOH to which she responded, "What?" So he repeated himself a little louder and got a similar response. It was hard to stop from laughing when we realized HOH is Hard of Hearing. We still occasionally joke about that one.
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