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Friday, October 23, 2009

Hunter Hits His Last Shot

First thing in the morning we were having a conversation at the table when we were toned out for a suicide. Usually, even if the person is dead, it's a suicide attempt until we get there and determine that the person is deceased. While responding we were given some additional information. Evidently PD was on scene with the victim of a self inflicted GSW. When we arrived on scene we were escorted into the bedroom where a male in his early 70's had pointed a .22 rifle at the side of his head and pulled the trigger. The interesting thing about the .22 round is that a lot of the time it possesses enough velocity to enter the cranium but not enough to exit. I did have to ask the cops to remove the weapon so that I could approach the body.

My part was really easy. I checked to see if he had a pulse or was breathing (stranger things have happened). I then hooked him up on the monitor and confirmed that he was in asystole. Only after determining death did we look around the room. The deceased was evidently a hunter because he had stuffed (taxidermied) animals everywhere in his room.

After the call was done we went back to the station and back to our conversation. We briefly remarked that this is a strange profession where your conversation can be interrupted by someone shooting themselves in the head and then the conversation continues. Just as if the conversation had been interrupted by a telephone call.
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