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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Down at the 45 Yard Line

Every Saturday during the fall the local Jr High school football field is covered by kids of varying ages playing football. Every year we end up responding to at least one call for an injured player. It could be for a twisted ankle, a concussion or a broken bone. It's a little more interesting than your average call because it's a kid.

A couple of Saturdays back we were toned out to the Jr High for a kid with injuries. When we arrived we found our patient on the 45 yard line surrounded by various adults. As I approached there was one guy that was kneeling at my patients side that gave me adecent report on the kid. Turns out he used to be a paramedic for AMR. The 10 year old would be football star had been blindsided and felt some pain in his neck. By te time that we arrived the patient denied any pain or discomfort at all. We ended up giving him a thorough head to toe exam and found nothing. The dad was there and decided that he would take his son in to get checked out instead of going by ambulance. The kid got a nice ovation as he walked off the field.
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