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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Dumpster Fire With Spectators

For some odd reason there are people out there that haven't figured out that if you throw away a hot item (match, cigarette...) without putting it out you can start a fire. We were toned out for a dumpster fire the other day in the parking lot of a shopping center. These are really easy to control because they are in a container and all we have to do is fill that container.
The only real concern is that if the dumpster is next to a building, it can catch the building on fire. Like this:

Luckily for the local store owners the dumpster was not up against the building. We pulled the bumper line and filled the dumpster about half full of water. While doing this, as you can imagine, we drew a crowd. Why not. I big red engine with flashing lights, smoke, flames, firefighters in turnouts, looks interesting. After we had put everything away a couple of kids came walking by the engine with their parents. We quickly grabbed a couple of Jr Firefighter stickers (with our departments name on them) and passed them out.

No sooner had we done this than a minivan pulls up and the older sister helps 4 younger siblings out of the vehicle to come see us and get stickers too. It was more fun passing out stickers than putting out that dumpster fire.
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