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Thursday, June 26, 2008

AMA 3 for 3

About two in the afternoon while we were at the station a mother brought in her 6 tear old daughter. Mom said that her daughter had been playing on the slides at the park when she fell more or less a foot and hit her head. The little girl had a pretty good size goose egg above her right eye. She told us that it didn't hurt at all. While Jason performed a thorough assessment I went and got a Sparky stuffed Dalmatian for the girl. She really liked that. Since everything checked out on our end mom told us that she would take her to the hospital. Personally I wouldn't have gone to the hospital but since I am representing a public agency I have to recommend that they get her checked out. Liability sucks. They signed out AMA and went on their way.

About 30 minutes later we got toned out for a woman with heat exhaustion. Turns out that she was part of a cleaning crew that had been cleaning a house that didn't have the air conditioning. the 62 year old woman stated that she had had almost 2 bottles of water to drink and she couldn't understand why she was feeling faint in the 115+ degree heat. After checking to make sure that everything was OK with her she decided to sign out AMA. We told her to drink more water and stay out of the heat, then walked her to her car.

About an hour after that we got toned out for a person down. When we arrived at the house we found a 58 year old woman with no physical complaint. Turns out that her roommate had walked by the bedroom and seen her laying on the floor and assumed that she was unconscious. In reality she was talking on the phone with a family member laying on the floor because it was cooler. Yet another person signing out AMA. About this time MBA is wondering what we're doing with all of our patients.
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