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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Friday The 13th - part four: DUI

Just as we were starting dinner we were toned out for an unresponsive driver on the road. When we got there we found the car partially blocking the left lane and the driver was out of it. After pounding on the driver's window the driver slowly rolled his head toward me and opened his eyes. I repeatedly told him to open his door and he lowered the rear window. Next he rolled down his window. At his point I think that he started to realize that he was in some trouble because he tried to shift the car into drive. Fortunately the car was off. Next he tried to get the car started. We finally convinced him that we were the good guys and just wanted to check and make sure that he was alright. Eric got him to step out of the vehicle so that we could check his vitals. We also had the Sheriff's department on way. As soon as the patient got out of the car our division chief grabbed the keys and called for CHP as well. They usually get there a lot faster. As for my assessment, the patient had obvious central nervous system depression, a little respiratory depression, and pinpoint pupils. All signs of narcotic abuse (heroine). He also had flushed skin, was pretty tachycardic (heart rate of 130), and was getting more jittery as he woke up. All signs that he could be on meth or some other stimulant. We let him sign out AMA. CHP arrived on scene before the SO and we let the patient know that he would have to get some paperwork done for them (the CHP) since his car was on the road. He took it really well. We gave the officer a copy of our report and left. Found out later that he was arrested and charged with a DUI.
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