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Friday, June 27, 2008

Some Calls Are Not Worth Waking Up.

I understand that it's my job to respond to emergencies at any time, day or night, in any weather, at a moments notice but there are times that you want to simply ask the patient, "Really?? You called 911, at 2 in the morning, for that?"

The call woke us up just before 0200 for an "ill" female. when we arrived on scene we were greeted outside by an elderly woman. She informed us that she was constipated and hadn't been able to move her bowels in 15 minutes. It to some restraint to not say, "WOW! An entire 15 minutes!" We asked her to go back inside the house where she informed us that she did have minor abdominal pain. Everything else seemed to check out just fine and she actually wanted to go by ambulance to the hospital so we waited. Eventually MBA showed up and we went back to the station and back to bed.

At our fire department we have pagers so that we can be contacted in case of an emergency. All of our calls are sent to the pagers as well. We didn't notice this call on the pager until 2 days later (since we are at the fire station we don't carry the pagers with us). This call had some additional information that was not given to us over the radio. It read, "ME461 Ill female ate lots of "ho ho's" and now ill."

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