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Thursday, July 3, 2008

More Acoma Fire Photos

The fire as we left station 1. I like that these shots are time stamped. It's easy to see the progression of the fire.

Keeping tabs on the fire.

Figuring out where we are eventually going to go.

Getting bigger.

And bigger.

This is pretty much all we did for the first couple of hours of this fire.


Here we are on our way to the fire. These next few are in Yucca Valley.

The rest of our structure protection strike team.

These people were parked on the side of the road waving and honking their horns in our support.

This was at the incident command post. We were here getting instructions.

How most of the firefighting was done.

This is the street that we were on doing structure protection, Java cross street of Amador.

In front of the house we're protecting.

Me laying out hose.

This shot is for my mom. She absolutely loves Joshua Trees and this shot made me think of her.

Next to the burning bush is a hand crew scout. He goes ahead to check out what the fire is doing and what the terrain is like. Not a job that I want. Than again, I don't want anything to do with hand crews. They work too hard.

Ended up on a hand crew anyways. That's my helmet in the center on the bottom.
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