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Tuesday, July 29, 2008


On Thursday we sent Junior to the store in the brush engine. While he was gone we got toned out for a TC (traffic collision). It was reported as a rollover with occupants trapped and a vehicle fire. It almost sounds like something out of a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip. We had responding with us, San Bernardino County Fire medic engine 121, San Bernardino County Fire medic ambulance 121, CalFire engine 3586, MBA, CHP, San Bernardino County Fire battalion chief, a San Bernardino County Fire division chief and Junior in the brush engine. That's a lot of man power for a single car wreck. In reality the response was so large because it was reportedly a fire. That means a brush fire is likely so we get a lot of resources up front.

First on scene were some civilians that put the fire out using 4 fire extinguishers. Next to show up was an ambulance from Los Angeles that happened passing by. The EMT jumped out and went to do what he could. After that Junior showed up in the brush engine followed by medic engine 121 a minute later. Just as 121 was pulling up we arrived. At this point Ashley came running up to the engine screaming, "It's a CUTTER!" Meaning that the person is trapped and we need to cut them out. I went down into the ditch to check on the patient and to assess how bad the vehicle was. the vehicle had been traveling over 100 mph when the driver lost control and rolled the SUV into the ditch. He was not wearing a seat belt but his airbags (all of which deployed) saved his life. I found him laying on the ceiling of his SUV (which was upside down) bleeding from a head wound. I ushered the EMT out of the way so I could assess the patient. He was awake but confused and in a lot of pain. I checked the driver's side rear door to see if it would open and it did. So did the rear door on the other side. So much for Juniors cutter.

We placed the patient on a backboard and slid him out the passenger side. The chopper had a 17 minute ETA so we just loaded him up into the ambulance and sent him on his way.

San Bernardino County Fire looking on.

Here you can see the open back that I crawled into.

The side of medic engine 461 and a view of the traffic that was caused by the wreck. You can also see medic engine 121 and medic ambulance 121 off to the right.

This is the roof of the SUV which has some blood on it. The yellow things are the side impact airbags.

CHP making sure that everything is alright (after we did everything).

Here is where the fire was. Notice the dry chemical from the fire extinguishers all over the vehicle.

Medic engine 461 and brush engine 461.

Our Reserve Engineer talking on the phone telling someone how cool the call was.

Our Reserve Engineer and me on the nozzle. We pulled the line just in case things go boom while the tow truck driver flips the car onto its wheels.

Reserve Engineer and Ashley prying open the hood and cutting the battery cables.

The driver decided to use his head to remove the rear view mirror.

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Reena said...

kind of messed up how it happened, but that last one with the rear view mirror is kind of a cool pic....wash it out in B&W and you might have a winner!

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