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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

MBA Ridealong

About 10 in the evening we were all out on the apron enjoying the summer night. After all, it's the only time up there that you can be outside without risking heat stroke! While we were talking we heard MBA on the radio trying to get a hold of our dispatch. When this happens it usually means that they need a rider (a firefighter to come along to the hospital because their patient is doing things they don't like such as dying). I volunteered to go since I had never been down to Desert Regional Medical Center and there was another medic on the engine to cover for me. About five minutes later MBA came around the corner and stopped in front of the station. I jumped in and went to work. Their patient was in full spinal precaution but was being very combative. There was already a paramedic holding down the patient's arms and a paramedic intern holding the patient's head down in back. The paramedic, Rusty, asked if I wouldn't mind tying down the patient's arms. After I got that done I strapped his legs down a little tighter. Once the patient was secure all I had to do was go along for the ride. Turns out that the patient had had a drunken fight with his wife. He then decided to go for a drive to cool off. Somewhere on his drive he decided to roll his car. Lucky for him it landed back on its wheels and he drove it home. Once in his own driveway he fell out of the car and crawled through the bushes and cactus towards his front door, not quite making it. His wife found him some time later when the dog that was with him during the rollover started scratching at the door.

After the call MBA dropped me off at my station and we invited them all in for some ice cream. At the very least it was a way to break up a slow day.
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