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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Flash Flood

A couple of weeks ago we had a real nasty thunder storm come through. The only thing that happened though was a flash flood up one of the canyons. There is a private road with several homes up there and the road was washed out in four places (including a bridge). We went up the next morning to see what, if anything we could do and discovered that it was a challenging walk and that there was no way the engine was getting past. We told the residents that they should evacuate their homes until the road was repaired because if they had a medical emergency or a fire help would be very delayed in getting to them. We would have to wait for a chopper to take us in.

View of the engine parked where the road is clear.

Someone almost got stuck (not us).

The poor speckled rattlesnake had a rough night. He was washed down stream and was now trying to get out of the mud and warm. We let him finish the trip on his own.

Eric and Ashly.

This citizen lived up the canyon. The mud was bad enough that her quad couldn't get her across.

Me and Ashly in the middle of the washed out road.

Ashly sporting his wheel chock.

This was down stream at Highway 62. You can see the canyon in the background where the other photos were taken.

This is the bridge at Highway 62. We called Cal Trans about the bridge support eroding away.

Me on a walk to check out the other side of the bridge.
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