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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Possible OD

The call woke us up at 4 in the morning. I use this term (morning) loosely since there is no daylight anywhere to be seen at that hour. WE got toned out for a possible OD. We were informed that SO was on their way and that it was already safe for us to enter the house.

We arrived on scene to be greeted by the mother of the patient. Our patient was a 33 year old man that has a history of psychiatric problems including a suicide attempt 2 weeks prior. His mother informed us that she had last seen him 2 hours previous sitting in the his recliner. He's still sitting in a recliner,was almost completely unresponsive (he did withdraw from pain) and had snoring respirations. We got him on some oxygen and checked out his vitals. His pupils were constricted (which can indicate the use of narcotics) but all other vitals checked out. His blood sugar was 97. I quickly started a line (IV) and gave him 2 milligrams of Narcan. We waited for a little bit and the I started giving him a little more. With just a 1/2 milligram more he started coming around a little bit. By this time MBA had shown up so we loaded him up. As the gurney was pushed into the ambulance he opened his eyes and started looking around. A good sign. His poor mother. I responded for her husband, who had chest pain, on Mother's day. Turns out he did have another heart attack and got royally chewed out by his doctor for not letting us take him to the hospital.
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