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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Seizure Sans Shaking

We responded to a board and care facility for a man having a seizure. When we arrived on scene we found a man about 50 years old laying on the couch. The man's eyes were open and looking to one side but no one appeared to be home.

The care giver said that the man had had six tonic-clonic seizures throughout the day. The reason he called was that the patient had been having a neuro-focal seizure now for about 20 minutes. I was surprised that he knew the difference between the two. The man also told us that the patient suffered from mental and physical disabilities, making an assessment all the more difficult. 

While my crew grabbed a set of vitals and started the patient on some oxygen I drew up some Versed. The seizure finally stopped after I administered 2.5 milligrams up each nostril. With the seizures stopped all we had to do was send him to the hospital.


Lauren said...

Thats crazy, i didnt know versed could be administered up the nose. We just recently adopted a new set of protocols and have switched to versed from valium for seizures but only approved route being IV or IM.

Firefighter/Paramedic said...

I love Versed. How expansive is your scope? Can you use it for sedation? We use it with MS for cardioversion and pacing and we use it with Benadryl for anxiety/angry patients.

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