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Friday, February 18, 2011

We Don't Just Fight Fires

This is a video I found about the Redwood City, CA fire department but it could easily be about yours.


Erin @ Curled Up With A Good Book said...

I've always been grateful for firefighters. About 5 years ago, during those heavy, heavy January rains in LA, the house we were in flooded. The basement floor was completely covered and there were probably 4 feet of water. Firefighters came to help us pump out the water. I know they were working long hours at that time because so many homes were flooding. Another time, firefighters responded when a woman in our building slipped on the stairs and landed on her back. She was scared, mostly okay though, but having the FD there really helped everyone calm down. Thank you!

melaniek said...

Great video.

Dom said...

I actually cried watching this. I wouldn't have my horse without the FD.

Firefighter/Paramedic said...

Erin- My parents have used the FD for the same thing.

Dom- What's the story behind the horse? If it's on your blog please post a link.

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