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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

How Big is Too Big?

I would think that people would start to realize that they may need a life style change when you start having to call 911 for relatively simple tasks such as getting off the toilet. About a month ago, my partner ran a call for an obese man stuck on the toilet. It took 8 firefighters (because that's all that would fit in the room) to remove this gentleman from the toilet. In so doing, the firefighters accidentally removed the toilet as well. Today we had a call for the same gentleman (who ways in at over 500 lbs.) because he was trying to get into his minivan. He managed to sit down in the front passenger seat but then fell backwards toward the drivers seat so that his legs were sticking out of the door. Needless to say that the minivan, however spacious, is not as big as his bathroom. It took ten of us over 20 minutes to get this guy out of his car and onto our specialized gurney. Once at the hospital he had the audacity to say that he didn't want the bariatric bed (a bed made for large people) and that he thought the beds with a 400 pound maximum weight would be good enough. Unfortunately for him, he got the double wide bed.

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Sea Foam Bald said...

ouch, yes i have to agree if it takes a team of people to help you move. you're to big. then again i think you should have found a mini cooper and put him in it. (like he could do anything about it.) wouldn't that be funny?

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