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Monday, February 25, 2008

Second Chances, Again

At our firehouse, we volunteer for cooking. Some of us are really good cooks while others.... One of the firefighter paramedics loves to cook but has been having a string of bad luck. In his first attempt, he burned all the food. In his second attempt, he made meatloaf. It turned out raw because he misjudged the actual oven temperature (his excuse). In his third attempt, he made chili with elk. During this attempt he was "helped" by one of the firefighters who put a very liberal amount of hot sauce in the chili. It was spicy but didn't taste half bad. That night we all either had diarrhea or were vomiting or both! So this last shift he wanted to redeem himself. He made a deal where he would make his meatloaf again, but if it was not up to snuff, he would take us all out to dinner. This time the meatloaf turned out quite well. We had a great dinner with mashed potatoes and homemade biscuits. All would have been fine if he had stopped there. Unfortunately, he made a dutch apple pie as well. He forgot that in the oven and burned it. We still haven't decided if he gets to cook again. The cook (term used loosely) does have to suffer a lot of jibes from the rest of us every time he tries to cook.
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