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Wednesday, February 13, 2008


ICEMA stands for the Inland Counties Emergency Medical Agency. ICEMA is the agency that allows me to work as a paramedic in San Bernardino County. I am currently going through their accreditation process and I am amazed at one thing. How much they expect from the paramedics. It's kind of nice really. They take the stance that we are highly trained intelligent people and are willing to let us go out into the area and prove it. We can do twice as much as an LA county medic can and we do it without having to call the hospital first. It is a refreshing (and welcome) change of pace compared to Los Angeles.


Anonymous said...

why would a paramedic watch a child struggle to breath for 17 minutes and not do anything to prevent that child from dying or to help take a breath of air when they obviously could not breath on there own why would they just stand there and watch?

Firefighter/Paramedic said...

That makes no sense to me. I assume that this is something to which you were a witness. I have no answer. As a paramedic I would do everything in my power to help the kid. Were there any strange circumstances (such as the kid was in an unsafe location where the paramedics could not safely proceed)? Was a law enforcement agency on scene telling them to do nothing? I am curious as to the situation and resoltion of this call. Please write me some more information.

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