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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Today I got to drive all the way out to the Hi-Desert Medical Center to receive the ICEMA paramedic accreditation orientation (say that three times fast). Basically it prepares a paramedic to take the accreditation test that I have already passed (I just love jumping through useless hoops). I met with the PLN (paramedic liaison nurse) and talked with her for about 90 minutes. She did give some good advice though. She encouraged me to "think outside the box." I know that sounds cheesy but what she meant is that I need to use my head as a paramedic. Unlike L.A. County, ICEMA paramedics have protocols that are guidelines. My PLN said that I should not be afraid to call the doctor and ask him for out of the ordinary (thus out of protocol) things. If it makes sense the doctor will most likely approve it. Strange to be practicing medicine in a setting where the doctors and nurses trust you.
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