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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Practical Jokes

In the last couple of years there has been a lot of fuss about "hazing" in the fire department. People that are outside the fire service, that haven't a clue about how we act in the fire house amongst ourselves are passing judgment. I understand that some of the things that we do could seem calloused or mean but practical jokes are a vital way in which we deal with the stress of the job. A lucky few get a glimpse through a friend or loved one. Even fewer get the opportunity to be in this environment.

Here are some glimpses into the lighter side of the La Habra Heights Fire Department.

A couple of our probationary firefighters were playing dome pool while off duty. Since just playing for bragging rights is never enough they made a wager. If one of them lost a game he would have to dress up in a diaper and a pacifier with a sash that said "Happy New Year" to ring in the new year. The other would have to dress up in his station boots, boxers, and a pink apron and be vacuuming the captain's office when he arrived in the morning. Unfortunately, I didn't see the firefighter in his boxers and apron and the other firefighter lucked out because we rung in the new year on a call.

Yesterday was one of our firefighters last day. He has been hired by the OCFA (Orange County Fire Authority). Not only did he have to make us all dinner (which was excellent) but later that evening he was tackled and strapped to a backboard. We then spent 30 minutes hosing him down and covering him with the majority of the food contents in the kitchen. It was our way of saying goodbye and congratulations to one of our own. Photos to come later!
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