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Monday, February 25, 2008

We Aren't in L.A. Anymore

The call came in just after lunch for a medical aid. In fact, we were still sitting at the table. It was reported as an ill person. As we saddled up and started on our way the engineer proceeded to tell me the name of our patient, age, significant medical history, and probable chief complaint. He paints the picture that he has been here more than a couple of times and that I should get used to it. To get to our call we drive across the highway until the pavement ends. At this point we veer to the right. When the dirt road ends at a T intersection we make a right. The house is just on the left. We arrive to find our patient disoriented and sitting up in bed. Per his house mate, the patient had been seizing for the last 10 minutes. I do a quick exam while one of the firefighters gets my vitals. Just as we were setting up to do the IV the ambulance shows up. That crew had a paramedic intern (I'm so glad that I'm not on my internship anymore!) so I told her to jump in and take over. She finished her assessment and tried to start an IV, twice. Some of my firefighters were going to ask her if they could do it because she was missing some great veins. I'll chalk it up to nerves. We loaded the patient up and sent them to the hospital, back down the dirt road!


Reena said...

I always wanted to live at the end of a dirt road.


Firefighter/Paramedic said...

You couldn't live up have all your teeth.

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